Cultural Heritage Festival
Cultural Heritage Festival


Sep 15
September 21, 2024
Date Coming Soon

2024 Theme: Hatchery Life!

The goal of the Cultural Heritage Festival is to create a festival that engages the residents of the west coast region of Vancouver Island to explore the many avenues of our varied culture through various art disciplines and cultural perspectives.

By exchanging cross- cultural knowledge of the area’s history, we help build bridges between communities, become more understanding of the differences in our cultures and we are able to identify and appreciate the common attributes.

Depictions of the region’s authentic ‘way of life’, as captured in the arts, give us an understanding of the activities, lifestyle and the people that have kept the local economy growing.

Exploration of regional cross-cultural artwork builds healthier communities, and fosters better relationships for the future.

This year we are excited to celebrate 50 years of Pacific Rim Arts!  Join us on facebook and You Tube, to meet some of our members…. enjoy some of our member art, and delve into some of our history.


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