Warren Brown

Warren Brown



Warren Brown, a talented visual artist from Tofino, British Columbia, has an extraordinary connection with the ocean. Born and raised in Tofino, Parksville, and Prince Rupert, he has spent his entire life near the sea. Warren's fascination with the ocean and its creatures runs deep. From exploring tide pools to fishing tuna alongside his grandfather across the vast Pacific from Tofino to Hawaii and Japan, Warren has developed an unwavering appreciation and respect for the ocean's wonders.

Warren's journey as an artist began at a tender age, with his mother's artistic talents and guiding his development. His dedication to drawing since he was two years old, combined with his color blindness, has given him a unique perspective on color and artistic expression. Warren embraced this passion throughout his upbringing, investing hours into honing his craft, particularly when he found himself grounded for weeks and seeking solace within his art.

Driven by an overwhelming desire to give back and raise awareness about the deep ocean and conservation efforts, Warren is a steadfast advocate for the preservation of our precious ecosystems and is a member of Artist for Conservation and has work featured in their annual book. His art serves as a powerful medium through which he captures the awe-inspiring beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants, effectively inspiring others to appreciate and protect these irreplaceable treasures and eco-systems.

As a visual storyteller, Warren breathes life into his vivid experiences, skillfully immortalizing them, and bringing them to life the on canvas through animation on his videos.

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