Marcus Paladino

Marcus Paladino


At the edge of the world blows an offshore breeze. The hostile environment that prevents the road from going any further, as well as the people that are drawn to the final stop. Surfing is why he came to Tofino and it’s a part of my lifestyle and livelihood. The cold water of the Pacific Northwest isn’t much of a bother anymore, his 5mm hooded wetsuit has become a neoprene security blanket overtime. Winter is when the most storm systems hit our rugged coastline and it’s when his work becomes play. From laughing hysterically as the next set approaches, to fearing for safety while drifting into a shallow reef. The moment he thought he was going to die, he’s never felt more alive. Bumpy boat rides, endless drives, getting skunked, scoring waves, chattering teeth, numb feet, blacking out, drowning cameras, with all the mental frustration and suffering for serotonin. It’s an abstract drive to project the ordinary as extraordinary. The goal is to capture an instant in time and reflect its beauty back out. Like a lighthouse at the end of the road, simply showing what’s already here.

Marcus Paladino is a professional photographer specializing in cold water surfing on the west coast of Canada. He grew up on Vancouver Island, where he went on to receive a diploma for photography in 2010. Shortly after, he moved to Tofino for a summer and never looked back. Marcus' work has been featured in various publications from around the world, including SURFER, Surfing Magazine, The Surfer’s Journal, Explore Magazine, Tracks, and Carve. He has also worked with clients internationally, including Hurley, Monster Energy, Red Bull, Hydro Flask, Clif Bar, Reef, Yeti, O'Neill, and Vans. His dedication to showcase high performance surfing that continues to be pushed north of the 49th parallel, along with his artistic approach, has made Marcus one of the most desired water photographers to work with in Canada.

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