Jeremy Hunting

Jeremy Hunting


I grew up in suburban ontario the middle child of 9. With only two sisters in the bunch my family essentially had enough kids for a sports team and athletics were always the focus. I studied culinary in Toronto after high school and went on to fill my days with hockey and cooking (my first two loves.)

I moved to Vancouver Island in 2015 and began to discover a simpler life by the ocean immersed in nature. In October 2021 completely bored from covid lockdowns I did a Bob Ross paint night with friends and surprised myself and everyone at the outcome of my first ever attempt at art. It surprised people further to know that I am completely red/green colourblind.

I enjoyed not being terrible at something on first try so I continued to paint with Bob Ross and pretty quickly moved on to painting things on my own. Things have progressed since then and I can honestly say my life changed and I can’t get enough of painting. I paint a few full days a week and usually complete a painting in roughly 8 hours. I love painting regular items from daily life, people that I find interesting and scenes from small town Tofino.

It pleases me greatly to share this work almost as much as it does to create it. Thank you for visiting and I hope you stumble across your life’s passion one day as accidentally as I did.

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