Christian Nicolay

Christian Nicolay


Reflections of Home - An Artist’s Journey

There are many stories around us that we are unaware of.  I am hoping to show within my paintings stories that surround us daily.  I wish to draw the audience into the painting and have them wonder about the place they see.  I do this with bright colours, representational images and perspectives of distance.  A memory or feeling is attempted to be invoked within the viewer with the use of visuals such as old cottages to small birds to sea life and more.

In the early years of my creative endeavours, I have had the joy of sculpting and creating pottery, selling in Canada, throughout the Yukon and Japan using a Japanese style of pottery and painting on the clay.  These paintings were of a free-form for bamboo, orchids and splatter type of painting.

Furthering my studies at university and numerous master painter courses,  I developed my painting technique.   This has given me a voice in showing my love of nature through the use of acrylics, oils and watercolours.  Most of my images are found in B.C. and Vancouver Island.  

From learning and developing creative works, to teaching art, to fully emerging myself in art full time, has shown me the depth of imagination in all of us!

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