Cathy Stewart

Cathy Stewart

Oil Painter

Cathy Stewart started painting in 2009 at 55 years of age. Growing up on Vancouver Island she had developed a passionate relationship with Mother Nature, and all its wonder and beauty.

While studying with prominent artists; Gabby Morrison, Ron Hedricks, Merv Brandel, Janice Robertson and Lloyd Major, Cathy began a dedicated interest in oil painting. Returning to Vancouver Island in 2006 she focused on seascapes easily accessible to a painter who wants to capture the eternally changing seasons on west coast waters and shoreline.

A sailboat trip to Haida Gwaii and the heritage sites on Moresby Island commonly known as the Ninstints and Skedans was inspired by a deep interest of the beautiful and decaying totem poles erected by the carvers of the Haida Nation long ago. She loves to interpret those images on canvas.

“When work is going well, I am lost in my canvas, oblivious of time, immersed in a meditative trance of creative joy. I feel peaceful and fulfilled. As my life evolves, I anticipate even more time and energy spent artistically as I continue to respond to that still quiet voice that cannot be ignored.”

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